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How Nordic Walking Sticks are Bought

A lot of similarities are shared between ski poles and Nordic walking sticks. A Nordic stick is different from the ski pole only because it has a rubber boot tip but do not have a basket. A Nordic walking stick is used by many people because it has a rubber boot tip that makes it offer a concrete walking experience. You enjoy some health benefits when you buy a Nordic walking stick. Calorie expenditure, reduced impact on knees, and better balance and stability are some of those health benefits you enjoy. Because many people have realized the health benefits that are provided by Nordic walking sticks, their popularity has grown a lot. Nordic walking sticks have been added in product lines of many companies because of the reason above. Before you buy a walking stick you need to ask yourself some questions because they are many and different in the market.

Whether the poles are adjustable is the first question you need to ask yourself before you make a purchase. You should buy a Nordic walking stick that can be adjusted for your specific height. Adjustable Nordic walking sticks are also called telescoping or fixed length poles. If you buy such poles, you can customize it to suit your unique needs and walking style. You should check the strength of the locking mechanism at the joint before you buy an adjustable walking stick. Because you want your body weight to be held by a quality pole such an element needs to be checked.

Whether the handles have straps is another question you need to ask yourself before a Nordic walking stick is purchased. Whether a wrist strap and ski pole handle is found with a walking stick need to be checked before you buy one in today’s market. It can be dangerous to use poles that have those features especially if you happen to fall or if the tip is trapped and because of that reason, you should not buy them. If you happen to fall with a pole strapped to your wrist you can even break your hand. Instead of buying Nordic walking sticks that have straps on the handles, you should buy those with a unique ergonomic design. A flared base is found with such poles, and because of that reason, if you are about to fall, you can let go of them.

Before you buy Nordic walking sticks, you need to ask yourself whether they have a manufacturer’s warranty. Some shops offer better deals on their products because the market for these poles is very competitive. The prices of products from such shops are low because they offer warranties to win more customers.

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