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Tips For Choosing the Right Custom Challenge Coin Sizes

Challenge coins have been in use for very many years now. Challenge coins were originally used by the army but organizations and individuals began to use them for their own personal needs as the years passed by. People worthy of honor are gifted these coins by the organizations they work for as well as their families and friends. Though challenge coins are not considered to be formal awards in organizations, they tell a lot about an organization, the maker and the person being awarded.

These coins are also awarded in a very informal manner. Challenge coins are awarded through handshakes because the givers place them in the palm f their hands and pass them onto the receivers in the form of a greeting. Most people carry their challenge coins everywhere they go. Some years back, police officers were given challenge coins to honor their bravery.

Today however, you will find challenge coins being given at charity events and retirement parties. A lot of companies have created traditions of issuing coins to the best employees and to their retiring members. You also find a lot of people collecting and exchanging challenge coins as a hobby. There are a number of factors one needs to consider when choosing a custom challenge coin size. This article seeks to guide the reader on how to choose the right custom challenge coin size.

it is important that you look at your budget before you decide which custom challenge coin size to order. The price of a coin increases as its size increases. To get a large coin, you have to be willing to spend a lot of money. Apart from size, a coin’s design and color will affect its price and the right thing to do therefore is to try and balance all these things so you do not spend beyond your budget. You also pay more for a large coin’s mold. You can reduce your spending by asking for a discount from the seller if you want to purchase a lot of custom challenge coins.

The design you have in mind will also affect the coin’s size. An expert will help you choose which size best fits the design you have in mind. For visibility purposes, you need to go for a large coin if you want a lot of details to be included. If all you want are simple designs, then there is no need to spend on a large coin.

You should also consider the coin’s intended purpose. Choose a large coin if you want the receiver to hang it on a wall and a small one if you want them to carry it around at al times.

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