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The Reasons Why Your Office Should Have Directory Signs

If you want to know the reasons why each building have directory signs on the walls of each floor, then read this article to the end.

It is good if there are directory signs on the walls on each floor in a building. The main reason why directory signs should be in each floor is that it will give visitors direction to where they are going. A given building can have several floors, and each floor can also have several offices. So, for a visitor to find an office, he must know the exact floor and wing that the office is located. And that is the main reason why buildings made today should have directory signs on the walls on each floor. The directory signs will lead the visitor to the exact office he or she was going.

The second merit of having a directory sign in a building is that it will help people to escape fast during dangerous circumstance like fire outbreak, attacks, and so on. In any building, there should be an entrance, exits, and emergency exit. The role of the emergency exit in a building is to be used during dangerous circumstances to help people save their lives. For instance, in case fire break out in a building and the main entrance and exit is blocked by the fire, the emergency exit can be used. So, there must be a directory sign on the walls of each floor showing where an emergency exit is located. So, in case there will be a dangerous happening in a building that will need some people to use an emergency exit, directory signs on the walls will help to show the exact location of the emergency exit.

Another crucial reason why all building built in the market today must have directory signs embedded on the walls on each floor is because it is a requirement by the laws of building and construction. The building and construction codes, states that a building must have directory signs on the walls on each floor provider the building is made up of two floors and more or have many rooms. Because this is rule, no engineer will approve your building as safe for dwelling of human beings without having directory signs on the walls in each floor. Therefore, for people to start occupying the rooms in your building, it will need to be approved by an engineer, who will not do so, unless directory signs are included.

Therefore, the main reasons why you need to have directory signs on the walls of each floor in a building is because it will give visitors accurate direction, help people during escape via the emergency exit during danger, and it is a requirement by the law.

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